Maersch Research

Better Cancer Diagnostics

tissue processing without cross-contamination

Our Mission

Enabling reliable cancer diagnostics through a novel approch to tissue preanalytics.

The Challenge

Today a patient tissue sample (i.e. Biopsy) is processed in a “batch type“ tissue processor in the same liquid reservoir with samples from other patients. “Floaters” drift from one patient sample to another. This leads to false diagnosis with often lethal consequences for the patient. Ever more sensitive diagnostic methods like NGS, MALDI-TOF, etc. are prone to error due to the smallest amount of extraneous tissue..


The Solution

Every patient sample is processed individually with fresh reagents. The outcome is a finished paraffin tissue block ready to be sectioned at the microtome.

Currently our first maschine is used in a clinical trial in a large hospital laboratory in Germany.



Thomas Maersch is passionate about personalized medicine. He lives with his family in Munich, Germany.

Thomas: “When I realized that Biopsies were contaminated with cells from other patients I was quite shocked. When I found out that this contamination was not an exception but the rule I quit my job in order to develop a solution for this problem.”

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